The Boulders Have Landed!

| March 31, 2014 | 4 Comments

As if from outer space!

Grey, with a curious greenish tinge,

smooth to the touch,

and comfortingly rounded.

Yesterday they sat just inside the outer gates of the hospice garden

like a group of  walruses basking in the sun of a sunday afternoon.

These particular ‘walruses’ are well travelled for they are glacial boulders. Voyaging in some great glacier perhaps 20,ooo years ago from who knows where to whither who knows?

Dropped by the glacier during melt, probably their next journey

was to the Oxfordshire depot of Stoneworld, a leading UK stone supplier.

Which is where we found them within a pile

as a calm and sunny fork lift driver turned the heap for us, while we hummed and harred over their various faces and sizes and how they suited our vision.

Well, pretentiousness is part of our trade!

We went for some kind of calm homogeneity in colour and shape. Our selections were reserved for us on pallets.

Their surroundings were grim but we liked the blackthorn blossom watching over them.

On Friday ‘the walruses’ set out again, this time to St. Peter’s Hospice in Brentry, Bristol.

Here they sit awaiting their next move.

It will be today and it is their shortest, for they will travel by digger round the side of the therapy room into this space:

Here all seven will be placed in a kind of directional alignment in a moraine like planting of grey plants and tawny grasses with emergent flowers of blue, purple and white.

They will be a key component of a reflective garden on one side of the hospice’s new therapy room.

We hope they are happy there!

R and L.

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  1. Your layout and direction / orientation of the boulders in that space – nice! Nice hearing about that process and your design.

    I rarely ponder over boulder faces for a project, as they usually work out when the same rock type. But on one project, an impetuous contractor had all kinds of small boulders and rocks delivered…so glad the weeds and erosion have overwhelmed his contribution! Ruined the whole thing…

  2. Robert says:

    Hi Dave, thanks so much for your comment.
    Always great to receive approbation from a fellow professional!
    Just looking for best face from the building really.
    I got most of what I wanted in that respect.
    They are now in place and look great.
    Will post more on this project soon.

  3. The sight of huge stones makes my heart beat faster.

  4. Robert says:

    Yes their arrival made our hearts beat a bit faster too. Their sourcing and delivery had all been a bit of a tortuous saga.
    Thanks so much for your comment.