Small, independent family-run nurseries: respect!

| March 19, 2014 | 2 Comments

Small is a misnomer since they seem to stock everything.

 Independent meaning they are not part of one of those chains

as keen on merchandising Chrissy decs and golfing sweaters as plants!

Family- run meaning there is no passing the buck and there is a vested interest in high standards.

The people you see on the ground can answer your questions rather than refer back to a supervisor while you wait.

They are sufficiently knowledgeable that they propagate some or a lot of their own stock, and they often indeed have their own plant specialities.

But they do have all the import connections so that if you want some fancy-pants piece of topiary flown in from Italy they can do the biz.

We could have named others but today we are naming and praising:

Middlecombe Nursery at Congresbury, near Bristol.

They are supplying the plants for the new grounds we are creating at St. Peter’s Hospice in Brentry. They have been gradually assembling our order for a sensory garden and a contemplative garden, which are the current stages of this mammoth project.

Nigel, Issy and the team have real enthusiasm for their stock. They show endless patience with questions and requests.

You see, us garden designers can be a pretentious and contrary lot.

‘No I simply must have Phlox ‘Lady Mary – Jane Gordon – Stuart’ – no other Phlox will do’ (said with an air that there is a tantrum in the offing) is as likely to be followed the next instant on the next plant by ‘What would you suggest, Issy?’ (said with a plaintive and beseeching air).

Three cheers for these guys!

Somewhere near you there will be one such nursery.
Support them!

R and L

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  1. Val Tighe says:

    A truly delightful nursery to wander round with a wide range of interesting plants. Everyone is so friendly , relaxed and helpful well worth a visit and you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Robert says:

    It is isn’t it? A good place to go when things are a bit frazzled! Nice to see you and your sister the other day. Thanks so much for your comment Val. best R