Sheep may safely graze…….

| September 8, 2012 | 4 Comments

Have you noticed

how even cyclists use their mobiles

while on the move now?

Yet another nail in their coffin

As far as I am concerned

Both as far as their being cyclists and I suspect literally in some cases!

Anyway it is not for us yattering whilst on the move.

And on the move we were the other day in Bath between inspecting an almost finished  project, a project where substantial tree work had already made a dramatic change and a prospective client on Sion Hill

So what better place to pause, than on wide and airy Lansdown Crescent

Milsom Street, Pultney Bridge, that awful bonneted dummy outside the Jane Austen Centre and other tourist rich hotspots like the Roman Baths are always enough to send me running for the hills.

In this case literally because here, far above the bustle of central Bath, there is peace and space.

You could build a house on pavement this wide!

L sat in the Landrover making the phone calls and I scampered around outside taking fotos

All the while annoyingly exclaiming through the window at her about how wonderful it all was.

(I often wonder how she puts up with me!)

But truth to tell this fabulous piece of Georgian architecture never fails to either lift my spirits or conversely, when needed, to restore calm

A few style thoughts intruded

Shutters? Should one house be allowed them?

Plants? Should any house be allowed them.

But you’re a garden designer you will say. You are supposed to love plants.

Well in this case they spoil the beautiful line

The same for different attic windows.

They should all look the same.

The look of this wonder is nothing (well almost!!) if it is not cohesive.

Enough dictatorial design thoughts from the style police!

I took pics of some details.

You never know in our job when these things will be either useful or influential thought wise.

The arch for the light. So elegant!

The Georgian link extinguisher by the bell to snuff out the flaming torch with which the link boy lit you safely to your door.

The arch thru to the mews where your horses would have been stabled

The plants in the urns real or fake, ancient or modern? Who knows?

And to cap it all, on the tree bounded half – hemisphere of rough grass below, which is an essential part of the peaceful, lung like ambience of the place,

the sheep were out!

And not a bonnet in sight

It was enough to make me skip like a lamb in Lansdown!


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  1. Thanks for the site reconnaissance notes, and it looks like such an interesting project. The stone pavers you show are so nice…granite? Slate? Though there seems a need for some plants that will work for the length of the facade.

    Ha ha to the opening on people doing everything while on their mobile phones.

  2. cabernat says:

    I would love to have seen the photo of you skipping with the sheep! :)


  3. Robert says:

    LoL! That is not our project, just where we stopped briefly for L to fone and I took some snaps!
    Think it is a situation for no plants myself.
    They do exist!
    Thanks for the comment.
    Best to you David

  4. Robert says:

    Tee hee!
    We are all children at heart, Mary.
    And if we are not we ought to be!
    Thanks for your comment and also the RT