Why Us?

Why choose the Hegarty Webber Partnership?

Lesley and RobertBecause we have the artistic flair and versatility to make your dreams a reality.

It could be a chic, minimal, ‘outdoor room’ or a five acre country garden – we will design a relaxing landscape in which to entertain family and friends.

Our close attention to your requirements will give you a beautiful garden, which will be appropriate to you and the level of care you can give it.

How unique will the design be?

Each project is a bespoke and imaginative creation. We are not afraid to adopt the best of either traditional or contemporary design. Often we combine both to stunning effect.


Our plant knowledge is deeper and more extensive than many of our competitors which means plant choices can be unusual and your borders will be fantastic.

What are the benefits of our partnership?

Our collaborative approach ensures that you not only have double the ideas and inspiration, but also double the care and support in the creative and construction processes.

Your worries are our concerns.

How close are we to you?

Although our main areas of business are Bristol, Bath and the South West, we have worked together on design projects in such diverse locations as Norfolk, Scotland and Tuscany.

Why not let us design your garden?


Ring the Hegarty Webber Partnership for a consultation: 01934 853273