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Lesley Hegarty and Robert Webber

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    Our designs:

  • Respond to your site
  • Fulfil your garden needs and dreams
  • Are fired by our inspirational spark
  • Can be classic or contemporary
  • Will be practical yet aesthetically pleasing
  • Will provide a lasting investment.

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Our Garden Design Services

Enabling a multi-faceted approach to Garden Design and Upkeep.

  • Design & Horticultural Consultation
  • Estate & Landscape Management

Sometimes gardens don't need a full design, just an adaptation of the existing landscape, to give you your ideal landscape.

If you already have the garden of your dreams you may wish to benefit from our vast body of horticultural knowledge and experience to keep your garden looking good all year round.

Bristol Garden designers - Robert Webber and Lesley Hegarty

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Lytes Cary - a garden review

Lytes Cary – a garden review

| November 24, 2015 | 0 Comments

Christopher Hussey famously described the gardens at Lytes Cary as being like ‘a necklace of garden rooms strung on green corridors’. How poetic! But garden rooms are such  a garden design ‘go-to security blanket’ they must needs be done well if done at all. Little is worse than a poorly executed cliché. Lytes Cary sits […]

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Pyracantha - the new shrubby sex symbol

Pyracantha – the new shrubby sex symbol

| November 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

Whoever would have thought it? The Pyracantha as the new shrubby  sex symbol? But Pyracanthas are out there now, sizzling in shades of yolky yellow, zingy tangerine, glowing coral and guardsman red. The grey days of winter demand seasonal treats. Even those whose taste is pastel and oh so safe, when they are freezing cold and […]

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'The root of all evil' or the route of all health.

‘The root of all evil’ or the route of all health.

| November 13, 2015 | 0 Comments

‘The answer lies in the soil’ Arthur Fallowfield used to say with a pronounced rural burr, on the BBC’s iconic comedy triumph ‘Beyond Our Ken’. And the root zone for trees is certainly a potentially dangerous route for all in densely populated areas. Street trees compete with pedestrians and vehicles for space in cities. Yet […]

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Amaryllis belladonna - the prima donna 'Belladonna Lily'

Amaryllis belladonna – the prima donna ‘Belladonna Lily’

| October 15, 2015 | 0 Comments

There is something the teeniest bit tricksy about this one. After all, you’d not thoughtlessly tangle with stars like Madonna, Shirley Bassey or Maria Callas. And the Belladonna Lily (AKA Amaryllis belladonna) is every bit as stellar and needs just as much care in the handling! Here is our plant, flowering now,  in the city […]

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