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  • The garden of your dreams?
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  • A unique fully customised garden design?
  • Inspired planting which will survive and thrive?
  • Stress-free project implementation?

If This Is Your Dream Then We Are Your Dream Team!

Lesley Hegarty and Robert Webber

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    Our designs:

  • Respond to your site
  • Fulfil your garden needs and dreams
  • Are fired by our inspirational spark
  • Can be classic or contemporary
  • Will be practical yet aesthetically pleasing
  • Will provide a lasting investment.

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Our Garden Design Services

Enabling a multi-faceted approach to Garden Design and Upkeep.

  • Design & Horticultural Consultation
  • Estate & Landscape Management

Sometimes gardens don't need a full design, just an adaptation of the existing landscape, to give you your ideal landscape.

If you already have the garden of your dreams you may wish to benefit from our vast body of horticultural knowledge and experience to keep your garden looking good all year round.

Bristol Garden designers - Robert Webber and Lesley Hegarty

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I guess real men

I guess real men

| February 2, 2016 | 0 Comments

use pink edging in their gardens! R

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Trees, tree felling and tree pruning

Trees, tree felling and tree pruning

| January 31, 2016 | 0 Comments

Trees, tree felling and tree pruning seem to absorb a disproportionate amount of  a garden designer’s time. Lesley and I spend as much of our time discussing trees, tree felling, tree pruning and overgrown hedges as all the other garden design and horticultural elements put together! There is a logic about this in that trees […]

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Trees: structure and shadows

Trees: structure and shadows

| January 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

Trees are king of most gardens. They are usually the tallest and bulkiest structural vegetation. Giving visual strength and permanence to plantings through the year They also offer shade, screening and shelter. In the winter, with most herbaceous perennials dying down, they have an even  stronger role. For  however seductive the scent of all those […]

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Pink Lady - (the Flowering Quince not the drink!)

Pink Lady – (the Flowering Quince not the drink!)

| January 13, 2016 | 0 Comments

A Pink Lady was of course the drink of choice for the starlets of the 1940’s. The likes of Jayne Mansfield (yes she of the Pink Palace and the even pinker shag pile bathroom) got regularly slaughtered on a heady draught of gin, triple sec, and grenadine. The grenadine being originally pomegranate based of course gives you […]

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