Sometimes garden design projects take a long time to complete. Not because the garden designer is at all slow. Here the plan for the garden design was complete before the existing house was demolished and the new one built! The garden will be the last element to be put in place. Watch this space!

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‘Consult the genius of the place in all’ Alexander Pope famously advised would-be landscaper designers. And this project, for all that it is on the fringes of bustling Bath, has a quiet, wooded location and long distance views to die for.

Pope might well have advised would-be builders too. For our clients bought this property purely for its location and have demolished the house itself to rebuild anew. They have asked us to design the garden as part of a two year project whereby both house and garden are built in tandem.

Working closely with clients and architects we have designed a garden which builds on the relationship between house and site, is in the classic English mould of garden design and yet remains a practical garden for a young family.